Reason #5 I’m apparently awesome at my current job.

Hey Ellen, so right now I’m working at my school at this calling center. My job is to call alumni from the school and ask them if they want to donate money to one of our many causes, (sometimes it’s for memberships for things, other times it’s strictly for donations towards scholarships for students). Here are some pictures from where I work:

Most of the time, no one answers, and sometimes people can be really rude. But every night I sit at the phones, I always talk to at least a few people who are incredibly nice and willing to help out immediately. Or even if they can’t donate, they give me advice and tell me about how they got through school.

There’s this one woman I spoke to just last week. She graduated back in the 60’s or 70’s I think. Her name was Linda, and when I asked her if she was interested in donating to the school, she immediately lit up. She started telling me this story about how she was a single mom and made it through college all by herself because her parents didn’t want to give her money unless she got married. She paid for college, got awesome grades, and raised some kids all by herself. At the end of the story, she was so excited and willing to help because the grants that she got from the school are what let her live her life and helped her get where she is now. And those are the kinds people that make my job awesome.

Much love,



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