Reason #3: I’m a nerdfighter.

Hey Ellen, guess what?

I’m a nerdfighter.

That’s right. A nerdfighter.

Oh, what’s that? You don’t know what a nerdfighter is? Well, Ellen, you should because it’s something that’s legitimately awesome. And of course, this isn’t only for Ellen. If you’re out there and have no idea what nerdfighter is, John Green and Hank Green of the vlogbrothers have conveniently made this video knowing that this very moment, when you were reading this and wondering what in the world I was talking about. So here you go.

But if you’re in some unfortunate environment where you can’t watch this video, here’s a quick summary:

Hank and John Green are two brothers who started a web vlog series called the vlogbrothers way back when. They created this incredible culture using the awesome internet to connect people who were nothing but awesome all across the globe. These nothing but awesome people are called nerdfighters. Here’s a link with literally every single answer any and every new nerdfighter could want:

These guys are some of my heroes. They’ve turned youtube into this awesome place for teaching and learning by the two web series’ called Sci Show, (where Hank talks about interesting science stuff), and Crash Course, (where John talks about interesting literature and history stuff). Also, Mental Floss will be launching on March 13th! GO THERE ON MARCH 13TH. Or go there now for a description of what you could be expecting.

They also do this thing called the Project for Awesome every year on the 17th where they raise money and then everyone that wants a say in where the money will go makes a youtube video talking about a charity which they think deserves it. It’s pretty great.

I wish I could talk about every project these guys have done, but there’s other stuff I have to do! It is midterms week after all. But hey, if you’re actually interested in becoming a nerdfighter, there is a link to the playlist titled “Best of Vlogbrothers” at the end of the how to video I posted up there, so go do that. Go now.

Alright, that’s it for this post!

Talk to you in a bit.




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